This page aims to answer some of the more frequent questions asked within Loddon District.


What is the Great Breakfast Chase?


The Great Breakfast Chase (GBC) is an overnight incident hike run by 1st Woodley.  It is open to Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Scout Network, Leaders, Helpers and Exec teams. 

The aim is to hike 6 miles visiting a number of bases on the way.  At each base each team of 6 is required to perform a task.  If they succeed they will earn a part of their breakfast.  Collect all your breakfast and you can return to camp, have a good sleep (if you return in time) and then cook your breakfast in the morning.

Simple really!  The route is carefully monitored at all times so teams of even young scouts are encouraged to participate in total safety.

How does the Murray Plate scoring work? (with thanks to Andy Loring)

  1. The troop who finish 1st in a Murray Plate event score 15 points, 2nd score 14 points etc. If a troop do not enter an event they score 0 points for that event
  2. If 2 (or more) troops tie for a place (eg 1st=) then they both score the points for that place, the next troop would then be 3rd etc.
  3. If a troop does not have enough Scouts to make up a complete team, they may join with another troop, but will only score half points for the event (thus if they finish 1st they will get 7.5 points, ie. half of the 15 points for 1st place). If a troop A has enough Scouts to form a complete team, but accepts Scouts from troop B (so they can take part) then troop A will still score full points.
  4. Where a troop is permitted to enter more than 1 team at an event, only the highest points scoring team from a troop counts towards Murray Plate points, all other teams from that troop are then ignored from the points (thus if troop A had 2 teams who finished 1st & 2nd and troop B had a team that finished 3rd, for the purpose of Murray Plate scoring Troop A would be 1st & Troop B would be second)
  5. At the end of the Murray Plate year (runs from District AGM to District AGM), each troop drops its lowest event score, so their overall score is made up of their 5 highest scores (assuming 6 events have taken place). If an event has been cancelled, then 0 points are awarded to each team for that event, so that will automatically become each troop's lowest score.
  6. If 2 (or more) troops are on the same score, at the end of the year, they will share the Murray Plate (there is NO countback of 1st places etc.)

(ONLY READ THIS NEXT PARAGRAPH IF YOU WANT A HEADACHE!) I am aware that points 3 & 4 could create an anomoly, whereby Troops A & B could each enter 1 and a half teams, where the 2 half teams join to form a joint team. If that joint team were to finish 1st (15 points), Troop A were to finish 8th (8 points) and troop B were to finish 9th (7points), then troop B would want the 7.5 points from their half of the joint team to count, but troop A wouldn't. Thus we have a 7th rule to cover this eventuality:

7. If the points from a joint team's position are better than the Murray Plate points that would otherwise be scored by ANY of the troops that make up that joint team, then the joint team will count in the Murray Plate positions for that troop, otherwise the team will be ignored from the Murray Plate positions.
(in this instance the 'points scored' in rule 4 would still apply for troop A, so they would get 8 points and their half of the joint team would be ignored).




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