Groups are the reason for the existence of a District. Each group will comprise at least one section and most probably three; Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. Two Groups also now have Squirrel Drays for 4 to 6 Year Old’s – 3rd Woodley and 5th Woodley

Loddon District has 12 Scout Groups based in:-  

Woodley – 4 Groups

1st Woodley  (Group Scout Leader is Linda Evans)

2nd Woodley (Group Scout Leader is Chas Randle)

3rd Woodley  (Group Scout Leader is Geoff Barnes)

5th Woodley (Assistant Group Scout Leader is Andrew Price)

Villages – 5 Groups

1st Wargrave  (Group Scout Leader is Peter Fry)

1st Twyford (Group Scout Leader is Tom Toy)

 1st Sonning (Contact Geoff Barnes DC)

1st Hurst  (Group Scout Leader is James Madden)

1st Charvil (Group Scout Leader is (Mark Royle)

Earley – 3 Groups

84th Reading (1st Earley St. Peters) ( Contact Geoff Barnes DC)

99th Reading (Group Scout Leader is Ken Camichel)

1st Lower Earley (Group Scout Leader is Jenny Lamprell)

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